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Unveiling Glenraphael Drive: A Perfect Adventure for the School Holidays

December brings exciting news for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers as Glenraphael Drive, famously known as Narrowneck Plateau, opens its gates just in time for the school holidays. This breathtaking route, nestled in the heart of nature, offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking to explore the beauty of the great outdoors.

The closure of Glenraphael Drive was due to a landslide on the Blue Mountains City Council partbofvthe road from the last lot of floods in 2023.

Understanding the specific reason for Glenraphael Drive's closure would require checking official announcements from local authorities or relevant organizations responsible for the maintenance and management of the route.
Narrowneck Landslide

As the gates swing open to Glenraphael Drive on Sagurday 16th December 2023, the team at Beyond The Blacktop is thrilled to announce the return of their highly sought-after 90-minute army truck adventure tours. This is an opportunity to embark on a unique journey through the stunning landscapes and rugged terrain that make the Narrowneck Plateau a must-visit destination.

Glenraphael Drive: A Gateway to Natural Wonders

Glenraphael Drive, with its winding paths and panoramic views, provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're an avid adventurer or a family looking for a memorable holiday experience, this scenic drive promises to captivate all who venture along its route.

Beyond The Blacktop's Army Truck Adventure Tours

Beyond The Blacktop has long been synonymous with thrilling on-road experiences, and their army truck adventure tours are no exception. With an expert team of guides and unique vehicles, visitors are in for a ride of a lifetime. These tours offer a perfect blend of excitement, education, and the chance to witness the natural wonders of Narrowneck Plateau up close.

What to Expect

Spectacular Views: Traverse the rugged terrain and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Mountains. Glenraphael Drive showcases nature's grandeur at every turn.

Flora and Fauna: Immerse yourself in the diverse ecosystem of the region. From unique plant life to native wildlife, the plateau is a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Educational Insights: Beyond the Blacktop's experienced guides provide fascinating insights into the history, geology, and ecology of the region. Learn about the cultural significance of the land and its importance in the broader context of the Blue Mountains.

Booking Your Adventure For those ready to embark on this thrilling journey, Beyond The Blacktop invites you to secure your spot on their 90-minute army truck adventure tours. Bookings can be made at HERE. Don't miss the chance to make this school holiday an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.


The opening of Glenraphael Drive marks a significant moment for adventure seekers and nature lovers. With Beyond The Blacktop's army truck adventure tours returning, there's no better time to explore the wonders of Narrowneck Plateau. Pack your sense of adventure and get ready for a journey


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